Absorbent Minds Montessori Preschool

Home Based Preschool

Our Philosophy

  • At Absorbent Minds we begin with a deep respect for children as unique individuals
  • Classroom is small in size, with a very attractive student-teacher ratio
  • Learning is not focused on role drill and memorization. Our students learn through hands-on experience, investigation and research
  • We offer a warm and supportive environment where children do not get lost in the crowd
  • Offers an exciting environment for learning
  • Students learn and work independently and within small groups, allowing for more one-on-one individualised attention 
    and care from their teacher.

The curriculum is unified, internationally developed and accredited (Practical life, Sensorial, Math, Language, and Cultural)
The multi-year age span in each class provides a community-like grouping where learning takes place naturally.
We have an open-door policy and guarantee easy access to classroom and guide.


Our Values

  • Commitment to the whole child - We are committed to the physical, academic, emotional and social development of each child.
  • Inclusivity - We respect and value all children, their families, and their cultures and provide a learning culture that celebrates the differences and similarities that make each of us unique.
  • Accountability - We are accountable to all parents and student
  • Transparency - We are committed to having open and complete communication with the parents
  • Creativity - Our promise to our families is to create an innovative curriculum which inspires individuality, confidence, self-expression, and creative thinking.


What We Offer

  • Absorbent Minds offers individualized teaching based on the developmental needs, interests, and abilities of your child. Absorbent Minds has scheduled parent/ teacher meetings throughout the year to discuss your child's progress and development.
  • Absorbent Minds has three learning environments for your child:
    • Montessori Environment: Individualized work with Practical Life Activities
    • Reggio Inspired Environment: Creative work with group activities
    • Movement: Physical literacy
  • Absorbent Minds encourages children's independence through self-help and choices.
  • Absorbent Minds provides healthy snacks for your child.
  • Absorbent Minds offers natural outdoor play space for the children to explore mother nature.
  • Absorbent Minds plans special events for the families to attend and share in their children's experience.


Why Montessori?

Maria Montessori (1870-1952) founded the innovative method of educating children on the beliefs that children should be given autonomy and the ability to self-direct. She was a forward-thinker and embraced new and innovative ways of teaching. The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, attribute their success to their Montessori education because that is where they learned to be self-directed and self-starters. They said that their Montessori education allowed them to learn to think for themselves and gave them the freedom to pursue their own interests.

Investing in your child's future

Montessorians understand that a child's self-esteem comes from an internal sense of pride in his or her own accomplishments. The goal of a Montessori Preschool/Dayhome is to prepare young leaders who are fully qualified to enter the academic programs of their choice at a preferred university or college.

A Montessori Preschool/ Dayhome promotes a hands-on approach to learning versus a focus on seatwork. Students interact with others of different ages, in an environment where younger students can learn from the older children and older children have an opportunity to lead.

The Montessori experience begins with a deep respect for children as unique individuals, and an accredited internationally developed curriculum that includes five main pillars: practical life, sensorial, math, language, and cultural learning.



Hours of Operation

Preschool Classes

Morning Session: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Afternoon Session: 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM 

4 and 5 days available 

Healthy snack provided

Why is the Montessori method beneficial to the children?

Doctor Maria Montessori believed that if children were provided with the opportunities to explore and practice their skills, they would make extraordinary progress.

This is why the Montessori method of education has been designed around the unique development needs of the child. The Montessori curriculum, classroom structure, and learning materials have been tested, refined, evaluated, and proven across age groups, countries, and cultures to support and nurture the full developmental potential of the child.

In each of these stages, children are in a sensitive period for learning different skills and activities that will help them reach their next developmental milestone.